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"An Inventor is a man who asks 'WHY' of the universe and lets nothing stand between the answer and his mind". At SHRIRAM SWITCHGEARS LIMITED, we are inspired by such inventors who have worked selflessly to achieve a bigger goal. We are guided by the mettle of great inventors who had the vision to change the world. It is our constant endeavor to learn and reinvent ourselves. In this pursuit, we are led by the ideologies of our forefathers who have bestowed upon us a realm of knowledge so profound that we are prepared to face any adversity.
We at SHRIRAM SWITCHGEARS LIMITED, keep trying innovative and different methods to conserve, renew and make optimum utilization of the limited resource that our planet has. From Electrical Engineering to EPC contracts, from Retail to Agro based Industries, We constantly research to manufacture efficient products which are ground breaking in their league. As it is said "The greatest inventor of all times… Accident", We have a team of dedicated hardworking people who are given an open atmosphere to ideate, make mistakes and invent something new.

Today we pay homage to all the great Inventors who made this world a convenient place to live in. We take it on ourselves to take their legacy forward and in our endeavour we will try all efforts possible to multiply and give back to our planet what we have taken from it. We vouch that we will continue to put in an effort, try, make mistakes, learn and reinvent ourselves the ways these geniuses did.



Shiv Kumar Jhalani

Founder of Shri Ram Group of Industries

Nilesh Kumar Jhalani

Managing Director

Rohit Jhalani

Whole Time Director

Devraj Jhalani

Whole Time Director

Naresh Jhalani

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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